The Winning Christian ‘Cards’ in AKP’s Foreign Policy‏
September 2, 2015
السيطرة على السلطة القضائية في تركيا: قضية فساد أبناء الوزراء نموذجاً
October 1, 2015

A new Saudi Strategy in Syria? Al Mamluk visit and its implications

Ramy Jabbour
Ramy Jabbour
Ramy Jabbour developed an early interest in politics and international relations. He joined Notre Dame University- Louaize in 2010 where he received a degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy with several distinctions and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Science. He has previously worked as an assistant consultant at Macarlea advisory group: a communication and risk consultancy and a project officer at Statistics Lebanon. He is currently the Head of Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform and a researcher at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies. His research focuses on Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Gulf politics.