Elie Khoury


Elie Khoury studied political science and holds a BA in business administration and an MS in Business Management from New York University - USA. Khoury worked with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank as an expert on political risk management in West Africa. He also worked as a mediator between several Arab and international groups. Khoury is the Chairman of the CLAVIS Group, Vice Chairman of Gulf Investment and Development Group, and advisor to a group of financial companies, industrial and commercial, in the Gulf States, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States of America. He is a visiting lecturer to the Washington Institute and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Washington, and a visiting fellow to Middle East studies department at NYU. He has also participated in numerous international conferences on Lebanon, the Palestinian cause, and the Middle East. Khoury is the co-founder of the American-Lebanese Freedom Alliance (ALFA) in the United States and member of the American Management Association (AMA). Khoury holds a number of high ranking positions in the Lebanese Forces Party such as member of the Honor Committee, 2018 candidate to the parliamentary elections for the Maronite seat in Tripoli, and since 2006, has been the advisor on International Affairs to the President of the Lebanese Forces Party Dr. Samir Geagea. He is the President of the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS).