August 30, 2019

The UAE’s Unlikely Rise as a Regional Powerhouse

The story of the United Arab Emirates is one imbued with wealth, status, and pomp. Its world-record holding buildings, architecture, infrastructure, museums, and art account for […]
August 26, 2019

The Populist Nationalism of the Free Patriotic Movement

In conjunction with the surge of right-wing populism in Europe and the US, Lebanon appears to be witnessing a similar phenomenon. Even though nationalist and sectarian […]
July 31, 2019

The Dilemma of the Return of ISIS Foreign Fighters

With the facilitation of global communication and travels, foreign fighter involvement in conflicts has been steadily rising, notably with the conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, […]
July 22, 2019

تركيا في ليبيا: دعم شرعية السرّاج في وجه حفتر ورعاته الإقليميين

تشكل ليبيا بالنسبة لتركيا أرضاً استثنائية وخصبة لمد النفوذ شمال القارة الأفريقية. الاستثناء الليبي يعود لإنغلاق كافة البلاد الممتدة من مصر إلى المغرب أمام الطموحات الإقليمية […]
July 5, 2019

Adapt and Overcome: Hezbollah and PMF’s Response to U.S Sanctions

The Trump administration’s 2018 decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and the subsequent economic sanctions that the U.S has imposed on Iran has had […]
July 4, 2019

Lebanon Report – June

Administrative Appointments Political tensions reached levels not seen for quite some time between Hariri’s Future Movement and Bassil’s Free Patriotic Movement. Observers have linked the war […]
June 20, 2019

US Recognition of the Golan Heights: A Sign of Things to Come?

On March 21st 2019, after 52 years, President Trump tweeted the fully recognition of Israel over the Golan Heights and considered this decision important for the […]
June 19, 2019

Algeria and Sudan: Out Goes the President, In Comes the Military?

2010 was the starting point of what the Western media called the Arab Spring. Whilst the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya were overthrown, other […]
June 11, 2019

Lebanon Report – April and May

Budget Adoption amid Popular Unrest Similar to the statements made prior to the passage of the 2018 budget, Prime Minster Hariri again has called for reforms […]
June 10, 2019

تركيا في حقل ألغام أميركي – روسي: تنويع مصادر الدفاع العسكري

يُصادف العام 2023 الذكرى المئوية الأولى لتأسيس الجمهورية التركية. يعوّل الأتراك ورئيسهم رجب طيب أردوغان، على أن يكون هذا العام فاتحة لتتخطى بلادهم حجم ودور اللاعب […]