August 1, 2018

Russia’s Plan for Syrian Refugees Return: A Poisoned Chalice?

Following the recent Helsinki Summit, the issue of Syrian refugees is making headlines once again. Leaders from Russia and the US have agreed to cooperate in […]
July 30, 2018

Lebanese NGO’s coping with the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon

Abstract This article is driven by an interest to explore the role of local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that deal with Syrian refugees in Lebanon seeing […]
July 16, 2018

U.S Policy towards Iran : How Will the Islamic Republic Face the New Sanctions?

By  Serge Awad & Ramy Jabbour Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, U.S foreign policy towards Iran has changed radically. […]
July 12, 2018

Qatar’s Foreign Policy in Review

By Gaelle Tawk & Ramy Jabbour No one would expect a country with a size of just 11,586 sq km and 186 times smaller than its […]
July 12, 2018

Exporting the Revolution: Iran’s Sectarian Tactics and the Rise of Afghan and Pakistani Shia Militias

A bullet ridden painting of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, the late founder or Iran’s Islamic Republic. Source: Getty Iran and its growing number of loyalists are out […]
July 3, 2018

أردوغان وصناديق الاقتراع: أسباب الانتصار الدائم

منذ العام 2002 وإلى اليوم خاض حزب “العدالة والتنمية” 12 استحقاقاً انتخابياً. تعددت أشكال الإنتخابات، فكان بعضها برلمانياً  أو رئاسياً أو بلدياً وغيرها مجرد استفاءات دستورية، […]
June 20, 2018

Lebanon Update- June 2018

Bassil – UNHCR dispute Caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil ordered a freeze on the renewal of UNHCR staff residency permits until further notice. In his statement, […]
June 20, 2018

Lebanese Nationalization Decree: Sanction Evasion & Shady Business?

A nationalization decree was issued by the Lebanese President General Michel Aoun and signed by the Prime Minister Saad El Hariri and the Interior minister Nouhad […]
June 6, 2018

Syria’s Shifting Sands: Demographic Engineering and Refugee Return

When Syrian refugees first began arriving in 2011, Lebanon was welcoming, as it was assumed that the crisis would be brief and that refugees would soon […]
June 4, 2018

Why Jerusalem is not the “Red Line”?

It was a shock for most of the world when the United States’ President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Most notably was […]